Care to Learn (Seymour) seeks support [via Webster County Citizen]

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Care To Learn seeks support

Seymour’s chapter now active; fundraising event set Saturday
Posted: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 5:00 pm

By Dan Wehmer Webster County Citizen [email protected]

The new Seymour Care To Learn program has a mission.

Operating within the Seymour R-II School District, the program, which was formed last September, presently focuses on meeting the hunger need for district students, specifically young students at the Seymour Elementary School.

One way of doing that is with the “backpack program” that sends healthy meals home each weekend for students in need.

Presently, the Diggins Baptist Church and the Church of Christ in Seymour are providing 50 backpacks each weekend, leaving Care To Learn responsible for the remaining 69. The cost of providing the 69 backpacks is $4,600 per school semester, which is a significant amount of the little more than $10,000 that Care To Learn has earned since its inception through fundraising and grant writing.

That’s where the community’s help is needed.

A fundraising effort arrives this Saturday.

From 5 p.m. to close on Saturday, Fuddrucker’s, a restaurant located at 2920 South Lone Pine Avenue in Springfield, just off East Battlefield Street, will have a large tip jar on display, and 100 percent of all tips placed in the jar will go to Care To Learn in Seymour.

Above that, Seymour’s Care To Learn is seeking any assistance from the community, whether it be through volunteering or via financial contributions.

“Every dollar earned by Care To Learn goes back into our local organization,” explained Sheila Sturdefant, a board member for the program.

“And if you can’t  help us in a financial way, then we’re always looking for volunteers.”

Founded in 2008 by Springfield businessman Doug Pitt, who is the brother of actor Brad Pitt, Care To Learn now has 33 chapters in Missouri, as Seymour became the 33rd member last fall. The program’s mission is to provide immediate funding to meet emergent health, hunger or hygiene issues so every student can be successful in school.

“No student will suffer physically or emotionally due to lack of food, access to medical care or hygiene issues,” Sturdefant noted.

She said the biggest reason Seymour joined Care To Learn was to continue the aforementioned backpack program at the Seymour Elementary School that nearly doubled from 60 to 119 children.

“The cost for the 119 backpacks each weekend is roughly $12,550,” she explained. “Churches have been helping, but this larger number was too much for them to handle.”

Through the combined effort of the churches and Care To Learn, the hunger need within the local school district is being met. However, Sturdefant noted that without continued support of the community, Care To Learn soon will run out of financial resources.

“Our goal is to have enough funds to be a year ahead,” she said. “And there’s a lot more we want to do within the community.”

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