Chapter Liaisons: Remembering Your Why

By Andrea Harp

October 11, 2021

Our Chapter Liaisons are made up of an amazing network of individuals: Nurses, counselors, teachers, care workers, administrators, and more. All of you are united by a passion to serve the underserved. The unseen student. 

As you hunker down this semester, we know your lives and plates are full. You are looking out for multiple students in multiples grades, and keeping little and big lives safe, healthy, and growing. You are busier than ever. 

When life gets hectic, it can be hard to stay focused on the mission. Recentering on your “why” can help you refresh your perspective and keep you energized. 

Hear from Michelle Houghton, Director of Chapter Services, as she shares one of her most impactful experiences with Care to Learn: 

“When I served as a counselor and Chapter Liaison, I’ll always remember the kid who wanted blue shoes. He was a kid who had behavioral issues and I’d seen him in my office before. He was in need of a lot of things. He acted out a lot. After I’d counseled him once, he came in again. That’s when found out that he was in-between housing. 

There are a lot of students that you don’t realize are bouncing around between houses or living out their cars until you really dig into their stories. 

We found out this student was really in need of things. He didn’t have clothes, he didn’t have food coming in regularly and his family was truly poor. I brought him into my office and asked him what his needs were. 

Because I had seen him before, I knew that he didn’t have a good pair of PE shoes. He asked specifically for a pair of blue ones and I’ll never forget that. 

I remember going to shop for him and I picked out 3 different ones for him. He took a really long time to try them all on. You could tell he was very interested and excited, and this wasn’t a kid who was overly friendly, kind, or outgoing. But there was something about this experience that you could tell mattered to him. Every single time afterward when I saw him in the halls, he was wearing those shoes. A few weeks later, I had to speak with him again and he was so much easier to talk to and able to open up. Probably because we were able to build a connection over the blue shoes. I wasn’t just another adult. 

This story stuck with me about what Care to Learn does. Not only are you doing something that helps students by giving them something tangible, but you are doing something that makes them feel good. If a student feels good and feels like they can fit in with their friends, they are going to have a better experience at school."

To all the liaisons out there, thank you. We see what you are doing, and what you are doing matters. 

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