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In one of our local school districts, Diana*, a Chapter Liaison, noticed a young girl with matted hair.

This little girl, Mia*, came to school each day with the same tangled look. It was dirty, too.

It happened so often, that Diana worried that little Mia might have to cut portions of her hair out, in order to be able to brush it.

Diana didn’t want that to happen, so she worked with Care to Learn to get Mia shampoo, conditioner, and new brushes.

“I will never forget her smile after I detangled, and fixed her hair that first time. She was like a completely different child,” Diana said.

Mia was able to return to class with her head held high.

“Her teacher noticed a difference in her demeanor, and I know it was important to her.”

As an added bonus, Diana and Care to Learn were able to provide Mia with some hair accessories, too.

“These everyday simple moments that we can make a difference are my why and we couldn't do it without our Care to Learn chapter and our community’s support,” said Diana.

Mia, we hope you are shining bright this school year.

*Diana and Mia’s names were changed to maintain confidentiality.