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Our Model

Care to Learn empowers school staff and faculty to respond immediately, meeting students’ needs anonymously. They are taught how to identify students who need help and how to effectively take action, which helps keep administrative costs low.

A group of 4 elementary school children, standing outside in front of a bush. They are smiling and wearing backpacks.


students with unmet needs and supplement current services.

Students in need aren't always easy to spot. Care to Learn works with our schools to empower everyone (teachers, nurses, bus drivers, custodians, counselors, and principals) to know what to look for and what steps to take. Anyone in a school district can have the power to meet a child’s need, and we’re here to help.

Student walking towards the entrance of the school building with backpacks highly visible.


a sustainable fundraising strategy by creating a flexible fund.

Once a need is identified, we work with Chapters to build community awareness, and provide resources and support. With support from Care to Learn, individual Chapters are empowered to grow and sustain support from the ground up in their own communities.

One student wearing glasses smiling next to a red brick wall.


immediately while protecting student confidentiality.

Care to Learn Chapters are designed to meet student needs on the spot. That means no extra approval needed, and no red tape or special requirements. We want to help students as quickly as possible—above or below the Missouri poverty line—and preserve their dignity, too.

Our Pillars

Each year, almost a million kids go to school in the state of Missouri. While most families are able to stock up on essential health, hunger, and hygiene items, some will have a much harder time making ends meet. When basic needs go unmet, students can’t focus on learning. That’s why Care to Learn focuses our efforts in these three areas:


Of the 900,000+ students who attend Missouri public schools, one in five live below the Missouri poverty line. These students often have unmet medical, dental, and mental health concerns that make learning more challenging.


One in six kids is hungry each day and more than 200,000 children in Missouri live with food insecurity. Kids need healthy meals so they can stay energized, alert, and ready to conquer their day.


Under-resourced students are four times more likely to miss school. Students who have their clothing and hygiene needs covered feel included, recharged, and ready to take on the classroom.

Get Involved

Our mission is to provide immediate funding to meet emergent needs in the areas of health, hunger, and hygiene so every student can be successful in school.

Real students. Real stories.

Making a difference every day—one student at a time. Since 2008, we’ve helped to meet 2 million needs through Care to Learn Chapters providing resources in education across the state. That’s more than just a number. Each need represents a unique individual story.

Items like a coat, a meal, or a toothbrush have the ability to drastically impact a child's life. Watch and find out why meeting these needs matters. To lear...

Building confidence, trust, and relationships

Items like a coat, a meal, or a toothbrush have the ability to drastically impact a child's life. See the real impact that Care to Learn can make.

A group of elementary school age children with one girl in the foreground smiling.

Our Impact

Support Our Mission

You can help kids in your community get the resources in education they need to have a successful school year. Every gift can make a difference—the average cost to meet a student’s health, hunger, or hygiene needs is less than $10. See how you can help.

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Stay Up to Date

Girl in brown sweater smiles at camera

Top 15 Items That Change Students’ Daily Lives

March 20

Since 2008, 41 Chapters have met more than 2 million needs. We sat down with our Director of Operations, Jhasmine Watson, to learn more about these needs, which ones are most common, and how they impact students’ daily lives.

Adult and child walking through aisle looking at Valentines


Shopping for Valentines

February 13

Learn what heartwarming item Noah chose to buy with his Shop with a Hero funds.

Girl with long hair in a pink shirt Adobe


Hair Magic

January 18

Brand new. Sparkling clean. Beautiful. That is exactly how one little girl felt after receiving 3 simple items from Care to Learn. Find out what they were and how they turned her world around.

Two kids holding tubs of clothing


Kids Lending A Hand

January 18

Check out these amazing kids supporting Care to Learn this past year.

Metal clothing closet open with colored bins and stocked shelves


Let’s Explore a Clothing Closet

October 18

When it comes to meeting needs, the quicker the better. Hungry stomachs, toothaches, and ripped clothing can’t wait; especially when the weather is a factor. Let's take a peek inside what it takes to make one happen.

Doug Pitt and Krystal Simon presenting at the Chapter Liaison conference


5 Things We Loved About Our Chapter Liaison Conference

October 17

For the first time in THREE years, we gathered together in one place to host our 2022 Chapter Liaison Conference. Here are 5 things we loved.

Group of School Soiree guests posing with Doug Pitt in front of lights and smiling


School Soiree: Best School Night Ever

September 7

We hosted the 1st Annual School Soiree on Sept. 15 and we had a FABULOUS time. Let's countdown our favorite moments of the night.

close up of girl pointing tennis shoes together wearing torn jeans


The Boy With Blue Shoes

July 28

Some things stick with you over the years. For Michelle Houghton (Director of Chapter Services), it’s the kid with the blue shoes.

Care to Learn CEO Krystal Simon Doug Pitt and Staff smile and raise hands with confetti and large balloons


How Care to Learn Went From 1 Simple Idea to Meeting 2 Million Needs

April 21

Find out how Care to Learn grew from one simple idea into a solution making a statewide impact serving more than 2 million needs.

Close up view of students below the Missouri poverty line standing against a brick wall showing their shoes, backpacks and other resources in education

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