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A cap and gown. A diploma. A celebratory cheer as you join your peers in the culminating walk across the stage.

A graduation.

For some students, it takes hard work and determination to get here. For others, it takes grit.

And for a select few, like Jack*, it takes a kind and caring mentor to give them an extra boost.

They need someone like Maggie*.

This year Jack* was a high school student in a local Missouri school district without a safe place to sleep. He was staying on a friend’s couch, and he didn’t have access to the same resources that many other students did.

Male high school graduate smiling and standing in front of a tree

But, it wasn’t long before Maggie* found out.

Maggie* is a local Care to Learn Chapter Liaison and when she became aware of Jack’s* situation she jumped in to offer assistance. She provided resources to the friend’s single mom to pay for gas so Jack* could make it to his off-site class every single day (something the school bus wasn’t able to help with). She also helped provide resources so he could make it to work in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, Jack’s* wallet was stolen, but Maggie* and the local Care to Learn Chapter jumped in again. She helped him obtain a new social security card and driver’s license.

“He’s a great kid, and he’s going to be successful, he just needs a little help getting there along the way,” Maggie* said.

Male high school graduate smiling at the camera while confetti surrounds him

Maggie* and the Care to Learn Chapter were also able to get Jack* a pay-as-you-go phone so he could apply to work at a local fast-food chain restaurant.

However, the biggest win of all was making it to graduation.

“He graduated this May and we were so excited to be there cheering him on,” said Maggie*. “He's on his way to being successful because of Care to Learn, and because a couple of us in the district have truly been able to pour into his life.”

Here’s to all the Jacks* celebrating this season and the Maggies* who are cheering them on. We know there are students and leaders like these in every single district, and we’re so grateful for each one of them.

*Jack and Maggie’s names have been changed to maintain the confidentiality of the student and family served.