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Sometimes, deodorant is more than a hygiene product.

It has the power to help a teenage boy stand a little taller.

“Our school nurse was working with a family in need that had recently come on hard times,” said Christian, Chapter Liaison with the Care to Learn - Hazelwood Chapter.

The family had taken on the responsibility of helping out a relative’s children due to extreme circumstances.

“Their love was deep, but their resources weren't covering all the needs in the home. They were distraught about how there wasn’t enough to go around.”

Staff had already connected with one of the students, a teen, in the family, but weren’t aware of how deep the need was.

“It's not the shoes or cereal that is Care to Learn. It's the intentional act of love in action that nurtures a child's health and growth.”

- Christian Bertel, Chapter Liaison, Care to Learn - Hazelwood
Boy in salmon pink shirt smiles and looks at a picture book.

As soon as they found out, they wanted to help.

The clinic team went shopping immediately. With the help of Care to Learn funds, they purchased body wash, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, underwear, socks, undershirts, a jacket, shirts, and pants. They also provided a gift card for food.

Boy in winter gear smiles while surrounded by peers.

When they went to share the gifts with the teen, he stared in disbelief. He asked if the bags were for him.

They said yes.

“Care to Learn allows our students to be seen for who they are and not just what they are lacking. It allows for those caring adults who have contact day after day to build trust with our students and families by meeting substantial needs quickly and with humility.”

- Christian Bertel, Chapter Liaison, Care to Learn - Hazelwood

“Before he even finished opening the last bags, he hugged the nurse, thanking her for helping him and his family.

Thank you, Christian, for helping meet this need and for being the heart of Care to Learn in Hazelwood. 

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When you support Care to Learn, not only are you helping meet health, hunger, and hygiene needs, but you’re also giving students confidence, hope, joy, energy, and so much more.

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