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Amelia felt confident. She felt beautiful. She felt like herself. It was all because she had just received a very special gift.

Christina*, a Chapter Liaison at Amelia’s school noticed she was in desperate need of a new pair of shoes. So, she headed to the store to select the perfect ones.

When she arrived at Amelia’s home to present the gift, Amelia was overjoyed. New shoes, just for her.

“Amelia ran up to me and hugged me. The excitement on her face was priceless.”

Not only did Amelia get new shoes, but she got a little something extra, too.

6 year old girl in overalls with pink shoes and blue bow waving her hands in the air

“We wanted to go above and beyond, so we got her an outfit, too.”

The change in her demeanor was priceless.

“When Amelia wore her new outfit and shoes to school she was beaming with joy and showing them off to her teacher.”

Now, she radiated from the inside out.

Christina can’t wait to help out more families.

"We do this for the children. Experiences like this help remind us that what we are doing really does matter.”

Whether it’s the start of the school year or heading into summer, the right pair of shoes makes all the difference.

Not only do they help students move and play; they give kids the confidence to take on their world, one step at a time.

*Christina and Amelia’s names have been changed to maintain the confidentiality of the student and family served.