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An electric toothbrush. Sparkly pink shoes. Camo pants. A brand new pillow. These are just some of the purchases made on February 3, at Care to Learn’s 9th Annual Shop With A Hero event.

More than 180 Springfield Public Schools students and their heroes joined in at 5 participating Walmart locations to shop for health, hunger, and hygiene items.

Photo of a child's hands holding a crisp 100 bill up to the ceiling.
Photo from Shop With A Hero 2024

Students received a crisp new $100 bill and got the freedom to select what they needed most. Here are some of the highlights from the day: 

"I loved getting to spend time with my student outside of a classroom setting. We had so much fun picking out the things that he felt like he needed. We laughed and joked and didn't have to worry about academics." -5th Grade Teacher

family shopping for eggs
Photo from Shop With A Hero 2024

"The most impactful part of the day was watching my student receive the $100 bill. I thought she was going to cry! She had never seen a bill that big and was overwhelmed. She wanted me to put it in my purse for safekeeping. After she recovered from the shock of the cash, the first thing she wanted to buy was body soap. That was the moment I realized how important and needed this day was for her." -2nd Grade Teacher

To female adults helping a young girl choose shampoo and conditioner product in a shopping aisle
Photo from Shop With A Hero 2024

"Seeing my student, who is usually reserved and unsure of himself, slowly realize that the day was about him and he was allowed to make his own decisions and choose things that he wanted and needed." -Springfield Public Schools Teacher

birds eye view of a shopping cart filled with sparkly shoes, pink shoes, socks
Photo from Shop With A Hero 2024

"I loved seeing our kids get to pick things they want. Often times, they don’t get to pick. During this experience, they got to pick what they wanted and not something donated or something someone else picked. It was awesome to see them get spoiled." -Springfield Public Schools Instructional Coach

A female adult helping a young boy in choose a camo hoodie
Photo from Shop With A Hero 2024

"Getting to join my kiddo in the excitement of new clothes, shoes, and things that he genuinely needed. I am so thankful and honored that he chose me to experience this time with him. I will forever treasure this day as it has forever impacted me as an educator and human being! BEST SATURDAY MORNING EVER!" -Special Education Teacher

Thank you to all the Springfield Public Schools heroes who joined us for this special event, and to each of the 5 partnering Walmarts who helped make this day run smoothly. We're truly grateful to be able to host this event year after year. 

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