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On Saturday, Noah* was ready. It was Shop with Hero day and he, along with 100+ Springfield Public Schools students, would receive $100 to shop at Walmart. 

He walked the aisles and carefully hand-picked his items: Superhero socks, a clearance pair of pants, shoes, healthy snacks, and brand-name shampoo and conditioner. 

Noah was careful to note which items were on sale so he could stretch his dollars as far as they would go.

But, there was one item he saved a little extra for: Valentine's Day Cards.

Shopping cart full of shampoo, applesauce, Valentines.
Photo from 2023 Care to Learn Shop with a Hero Event

This year, he could buy them with his very own money. He could take them to class. This special thing, this holiday–he could participate in just like everyone else.

And that made his heart very happy.

*Noah’s name was changed to maintain confidentiality.

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