Workplace Giving

Your Giving Matters

The mission of Care to Learn is to provide immediate funding to meet emergent needs in the areas of health, hunger and hygiene so every student can be successful in school. A toothbrush. A coat. Deodorant. Breakfast. These are the things that stand between children and belonging—basic unmet needs that cause pain and embarrassment.

Raising money takes leadership and support. Your efforts will help students fit in. Click to learn more about some office fundraising ideas to get you started.



You don’t have to run the business to be a leader. Take a look at some of the ways you can make an impact within your place of work.

  • Set up an internal fundraising challenge or departmental fundraising competition.
    Create an in-office silent auction or auction goods for a good cause during an officewide lunch.
    Sell raffle tickets for an exciting prize or create a 50/50 raffle.
    Set up a "Cutest Baby Photo" contest and charge a set dollar amount per vote.


Employer programs help demonstrate to staff that they are working for a business that cares about the community. We welcome the opportunity to work with employers or HR representatives to help execute these or your own ideas.

Match employee gifts.

Show employees you care about local students by making donations every time they do. You can set it up as a dollar-for-dollar donation, or commit to doubling or tripling employee contributions.

Why It Works
It allows employees to make more of an impact than they otherwise could.

Encourage employee volunteering.

Also known as “Dollars for Doers” programs, these can be executed in a lot of different ways. The basic premise: motivate employees to volunteer time to Care to Learn either by donating funds for a number of hours volunteered or by allowing employees to use a certain amount of “on-the-clock” time to volunteer.

Why It Works
It shows employees that their time can make a big difference.

Set up payroll donations.

Integrate giving into your payroll system by offering employees the option to donate a certain amount from every check to Care to Learn.

Why It Works
Gives employees a hands-off and automatic way to continuously support local students.

Create an annual campaign.

Create a once-a-year event that encourages employees to pledge time or funds to Care to Learn. This could also be integrated as an optional, annual payroll deduction.

Why It Works
Limiting time can build excitement and heighten the sense of urgency.