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Care to Learn Liaisons

Use this page as a resource guide for you as you lead your Care to Learn Chapter.

This page is intended for the use of Care to Learn Liaisons only. If you are not a Care to Learn Chapter Liaison, please do not copy or use the related or linked documents without permission from the Care to Learn Central Office.


Don't Forget!

RSVP for the Care to Learn Liaison Conference

Learn more about the conference on November 12th and RSVP

If you haven't visited our Liaison Conference Page, click the link below to learn more about the conference and RSVP!

  1. Liaison Conference Information

Liaison Resource Quick Links

Find quick links to our most commonly used Care to Learn Liaison resources below!

Liaison Information

2023-2024 Liaison Toolkit

The Liaison Toolkit has all your Care to Learn information in one place! This the document version of your online training you are required to complete at the beginning of every school year.

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Remind App

Central Office uses Remind to send helpful reminders, tips, and important information about Care to Learn. Please use the link to sign up to receive your reminders!

Liaison Calendar

The Liaison Calendar is a great tool for monthly reminders of Liaison Tasks to carry out for your Chapter. 

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Liaison Contact Information

Want to get in touch with another Liaison from a different Chapter? This document lists all of our Liaisons and their contact information! 

Chapter Liaison Conference 2022 9715

2024 Liaison Conference

We can't wait for the 3rd Annual Liaison Conference on November 12, 2024! Please visit our Liaison Conference page to learn more about the conference and RSVP! 

Meeting Student Needs

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Referral and Needs Met Tracking Guide

Use this document to guide you through your Referral & Needs Met Tracking Spreadsheets! 

Please note: Information on how to set up your Referral and Needs Met Tracking Spreadsheets is more thoroughly described in our Meeting Needs section of the Toolkit. 


Partnership Directory

Use this document to guide you through a list of our vetted vendors and partners. 


Amazon, Walmart, & Sam's Club Online Ordering Instructions

For information on how to place an order through Amazon, Walmart, or Sam's with your Care to Learn credit card, please read through instructions located in this folder.


SGC Foodservice

Care to Learn and SGC Foodservice have partnered to supply food items for Chapter feeding programs. Click below to access sample menus, account paperwork, and more. Contact the Central Office to get connected with SGC.


A young boy with glasses reads at a table surrounded by other students in a school where faculty and staff started a Care to Learn chapter.

Chapter Event Form

Use this form to let us know if you have an upcoming event or fundraiser. This will give us needed information about your fundraiser and what tools and resources we can provide to help you make it a success. 


Donor and Church Letter Templates

Reaching out to donors and churches in your area to tell them about Care to Learn is an excellent way to build awareness and raise funds for your Chapter. We've created letter templates for you to make the process easy! 

Fundraiser Tracking Spreadsheets

Please see this folder located in our Shared Liaison Drive for spreadsheets to track expenses and cash through your fundraiser or event.

Fund Management

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Tax Exempt Information

Locate our 501(c)3 Letter and Tax Exempt documentation to use for purchasing items through Care to Learn. 

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State Funding Information

Visit the State Funding section of the Toolkit to learn more about requirements for State Funding. 

credit card

Credit Card Documents & Guides

Use this link to access our Credit Card documents and guides for logging into your credit card account to access statements and reconcile receipts. 

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Fund Management Training Videos

Find videos walking you through accessing your Chapter's Fund Manager account to look up donations and transactions within your account. 

Marketing and Communications

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Order Time

All Chapters receive an allotment of marketing items for their Chapters. To request additional items, please make your request through Order Time using the link below. For more information please see the Marketing and Communications section of the Toolkit. 


Care to Learn Logo

Use this link to access our official Care to Learn Logo. Access your Chapter Logo in your Chapter Drive. 

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Update Us!

Contact Information Questionnaire

If you haven't done so already, please fill out this information questionnaire to update your contact information for the 2023-2024 school year. We use this contact information to mail you goodies for your Chapter and to reach out about questions and opportunities!

  1. Questionnaire
Chapter Services Team

Have Questions?

Contact us!

Contact your Chapter Services team with any questions or concerns related to your Care to Learn Chapter

Melissa Rea, Director of Chapter Services

Jill Rea, Chapter Services Project Coordinator

Sammie Dugger, Chapter Services Administrative Coordinator